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Welcome to Jungle Photos Africa — Images of Life's Grandeur!® Here you can see photos of the wildlife and people of Africa. Each photo has additional information with related links. Browse the site for pictures and facts on animals and plants, people and handicrafts, nature scenes and cityscapes. To learn more look through the pages of maps and satellite images. All photos were taken by Roger Harris during his travels to the countries of Kenya, Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Explore, experience and enjoy!

Photo of Kilimanjaro, East Africa

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Featured Movie: Battle at Kruger—A battle between a pride of lions, a herd of buffalo, and two crocodiles at a watering hole in South Africa's Kruger National Park
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"We carry within us the wonders we seek without us: there is all Africa and her prodigies in us."

Sir Thomas Browne 1643

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