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Africa mammalsAFRICA MAMMALSAfrica mammals

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For many, Africa is defined by its great mammals: elephant, rhinoceros, giraffe. These and the hippopotamus and buffalo belong to the group of African mammals known as the "Big Five". For many who visit Africa on safari, the trip is incomplete without having checked each of them off the list. Whether the endeavor succeeds or not, these big animals are impressive. They rank among the world's biggest land animals, and have complex behavior — much of which is still poorly understood.

Mammals are distinguished from other groups of animals by being warm-blooded (endothermic), covered in fur, and nursing live young. Read and learn more about these fascinating animals by looking through each of the pictures here.

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baboon photo baboon

bushbuck photo bushbuck

cheetah photo cheetah

elephant baby photo elephant photo charging elephant photo elephant

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